The River View


Evening Buffet Menu

Evening Buffet Menu

Menu 1
7.40 per person for the first minimum of 3 items
Each additional item is charged at 0.85 per person

Selection of Sandwiches
Sausage Rolls
Chicken Satay
Cheese puffs (V)
Assortment of Petit Crolines
Potato Wedges & Dips (V)
Curried sweet potato bites (V)
Vegetable spring rolls (V)
Duck spring rolls
Chicken drumsticks
Onion rings (V)
Chips (V)
Pizza (V)
Selection of Vegetable Dim Sums (V)
Breaded mushrooms and garlic dip (V)
Crispy Coated King Prawns
Quiche (V)

Menu 2
8.45 per person for 1 choice
10.45 per person with choice of 2
12.45 per person with choice of 3

Chicken Curry & Rice
Beef Stovies
Haggis, Neeps & Tatties with whisky sauce
Chilli Con Carne with either rice or nachos & sour cream
Macaroni Cheese (V)

Tea and coffee is available at 1.75 extra per person